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11 Caroline Crescent, Emerald

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Phone: 0411 024 021

The Emerald Astronomy Observatory offers Astrophotography stays Starting out or experienced here is an opportunity to use a research standard telescope for those awesome and stunning stellar photographs.

The EO has a wide rang of telescopes, mounts and astro cameras ranging from enthusiast Sony 3 x 3µm 16Mpixel to DSLR to full professional Kodak 9 x 9µm16+ MPixel Full Frame super cooled astro cameras. Bring your own gear and /or use our equipment. We offer personally structured courses to suite your interest and experience.

The Emerald Observatory is a privately funded research facility for the tracking and study of Space Debris to provide data for space situational awareness. We are the Space Junk Farmers! A Space Junk Farmer is a person who observes and catalogues orbital space debris. The observation is added to a global database that is used for space situational awareness which is shared by space agencies and industry globally.

Space situational awareness facilitates the safe launch and orbital positioning of satellites and human space missions. Research & Strategic Partnerships The Emerald Observatory provides strategic partnerships in research opportunities for universities and industry. We welcome proposals for strategic partnerships supporting Australian engagement in space. Observatory stays. Enjoy "hands on" astronomy stays.

The Emerald Observatory offers courses in astro photography. As our guest you stay onsite with our partner B&B, Fernglade on Menzies. With our resident astronomer you get the most out of the night sky using one of our two research grade 41.6cm apperture f6 goto SCT telescopes. During the day we offer solar observation and photography with our goto EQ mounted Coronado SMT90BF30-DS and PST telescopes, observation and hands on equipment selection and training. Our site averages 70% of the year clear night sky. We recommend to guests a two night stay or more to maximise viewing opportunities.

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