Ambrosia Cafe-Bar-Foodstore


Shop 13, 84 Bemersyde Drive, Berwick

Opening Hours

10.00 AM to 5:30 PM


Phone: Phone: 9702 0044

The goal of ambrosia is simple.

To provide an inspirational, innovative and exciting eating and drinking establishment for those in the area, and to allow the availability of high quality catering provisions for the home.

Embracing a ‘tapa’ and ‘share platter’ style of dining, we source new and varied ingredients from Australia and overseas, whilst also offering the more traditional dishes we all love.

We also offer a large selection of local and imported wines as well as an extensive boutique beer & tap selection, making an experience at ambrosia café -bar-foodstore difficult to beat.

Ambrosia (-z-) n. (myth.)food of gods; thing delightful to taste or smell. ~ial a.
Ambrosia was the food of the Gods and Goddesses in Greek mythology.

It was often accompanied by the drink nectar in celebrations, and indeed, ambrosia and nectare both appear in myth and literature as divine confections that were guaranteed to satisfy the hunger and or thirst of any immortal resident of Mt Olympus.

Whilst Berwick and surrounds is not Mt Olympus, our aim of ambrosia is that it is seen as a place where the purchasing of fine quality food and beverage products is not only available, but is easy to do.

We wish to remain competitive in our pricing, and fast and accurate in our service.

At the same time encouraging our patrons to stay and enjoy the ambience of the restaurant over coffee, meals, wine or whatever else they feel like on the day.

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