Coronavirus (Covid-19) Support: Business Essentials Series

Self-isolating at home can be, well, isolating. Especially when you're used to connecting with your fellow business community members face-to-face. 

But don't worry, we've got you covered; we're introducing fortnightly virtual check-in sessions to open connections with your community and introduce you to local experts covering specialised, topical topics.

Subject Matter Experts 

We're lucky to have a slew of local subject matter experts who have volunteered to share their expertise - in everything from finance and digital, to personal development and strategy - with our community. 

Following their presentations, there will be time for those interested to speak with the presenting experts one on one. 

If you would like to share your expertise with our community at an upcoming event, get in touch

Community connection 

Following quick presentations from our subject-matter experts, those who have joined are able to connect with others to share what is working well, what isn't working so well and create opportunities for collaboration. 

Agenda of each session 

7.00 pm – Zoom channel open

7.05 pm – Welcome and quick update 

7.10 pm – Co-host 1 presentation 

7.20 pm – Q & A with presenter 

7.30 pm – Co-host 2 Presentation

7.40 pm – Q & A with Co-host 2

7.50 pm – Attendee sharing of hints and tips

8.00 pm – Close and update on next session

8.05 pm – Breakout Rooms available for one-on-one chats with co-hosts

8.30 pm – Zoom Webinar closed


Past Sessions

Session One: Finance 
Wednesday 15 April 2020 

  • Rohan Burgess - Financing your business through a crisis
  • Kartik Gupta - ATO stimulus overview 

View the powerpoint presentations from Session One: Finance

Session Two: Digital
Wednesday 6 May 2020

  • Monica Singh - Creating a presence online and tracking your success?
  • Amanda Wright - The 'going digital' checklist

Session Three: People, Culture and Innovation 
Wednesday 20 May 2020 

  • Viren Thakrar - How to establish a culture of innovation  

  • Session Four: Strategy 
    Wednesday 3 June 2020
    • Paul Tero - An overview of emerging tech and industry
    • Gyanesh Dayal - How to turn new ideas into a project plan