Coronavirus (Covid-19) Support: Industry Innovation Masterclass

Beginning on the 30th of April 2020, we're hosting a monthly deep dive webinar - Industry Innovation Masterclass - with experts to find opportunities for innovation in the industries hardest hit by the disruption of Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

Necessity is the mother of invention, and with Coronavirus's significant impact on the way that we do business, many industries have been forced to explore opportunities for innovation. Which is where these masterclasses come to play. 

Join our panel of speakers and fellow local business folks for in-depth, topical presentations, followed by questions from the audience and a group discussion. 

Agenda of each session

7.00 pm: Welcome and Industry Spotlight
7.20 pm: Speaker one
7.40 pm: Speaker one Q&A
7.50 pm: Speaker two
8.10 pm: Speaker two Q&A
8.20 pm: Group Discussion
8.50 pm: Summary
9.00 pm: Webinar close


Past sessions 

Session One: Hospitality - 30 April 2020 

  • Jane Del Rosso - Founder - The Business of Food, Business Accelerator and Food Community
  • James Eling - Founder, FROLO, Online Restaurant Ordering System
  • Clive Canal - Founder, Whozcookn, Online foodie community supporting local eateries 

Session Two: Business Services Industry - 28 May 2020