Business Essentials Series: People, Culture and Innovation

The Business Essentials Webinar Series is designed to provide business owners with a range of resources to encourage business resilience, innovation and recovery through this current economic environment.

Each session is co-hosted by expert guest speakers who will deep dive on topics such as finance, strategy, employment and digital.

Session Three - People, Culture and Innovation

During this time of change and uncertainty, how can businesses best work with their employees to promote a culture of innovation?

Business-as-usual has changed. You may have staff now working from home, or you may be trying to pivot or change the roles and responsibilities of your employees by up-skilling or re-purposing. Either way, it is important that you try and maintain regular and transparent conversations with your most important asset, your people.

The Jobkeeper allowance has ensured that many employees have an opportunity to retain valued staff during this time of social isolation, and in this Webinar we explore the opportunity for employers to embrace change with intent and start planning for a stronger business on the other side of this crisis.

Guest Speaker

Viren Thakrar, In the Game, has over 10 years of expertise in helping businesses and leaders harness the power of psychology for hiring, leadership, culture and performance, supported by a Masters in Psychology.

Currently, Viren is helping businesses to improve team and personal motivation, set more effective short-term goals, and generate ideas for new ways of doing business.

Viren will discuss:

  • How can businesses keep their people fresh and focused whilst things are quieter?
  • What can be done to help the business move in the direction needed and be ready to go once we see light at the end of the tunnel?

His four step plan will give you an easy to follow strategy for change. It doesn't need to be overly complicated, simple is good right now. Having this in place will help keep your people fresh and focused whilst things are quieter. It will also help get your business ready to move once the pressure eases up a little.

The Webinar