Business Breakfast: Samuel Johnson



Business Breakfast: Samuel Johnson

By Casey Cardinia Region


Samuel Johnson is Love Your Sister’s resident ‘de-lebrity’ and has been disgracing our stages and screen as a middling actor for well beyond two decades now. He is best known for his work on cult hit The Secret Life of Us and cop drama Rush!

Most importantly, Samuel Johnson is Connie Johnson’s little brother. After his big sister Connie was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer Samuel made Connie the promise of a lifetime. To ride his unicycle around the entire country for her in an effort to remind every young mum in the land to be breast aware. Samuel kept his promise. He spent a whole year atop a unicycle vowing to do whatever it takes to remind young mums to check their boobs.

Besides being a goose on a unicycle, Samuel begrudgingly bears the title of Chief Flagbearer here at Love Your Sister.

He hustles really hard and is constantly obsessing about how to improve Love Your Sister. Samuel is a bit of a nutter. He can be volatile. When he’s on there’s nothing like it, when he’s off you won’t know where he is. He’s an unpredictable, intense, loving, emotional and often over-enthusiastic guy whose pet hate is when his ‘passion’ gets taken personally.

Don’t miss seeing Samuel at breakfast!

For more information please contact Chrissy Lloyd on 5945 4387 or at 


Wednesday 25 September 2019


06:45 AM - 09:00 AM


Cardinia Cultural Centre
40 Lakeside Blvd



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