I can, I need Marketplace

Our region’s resilience, courage and determination shines bright, but now more than ever before we need to lean on each other.

And while it may not be business as usual, many local businesses are still offering to help support their neighbours in need at this time, either through a good or service. In reciprocation, their neighbours are reaching back where they can with an offer of help.



About the I Can, I Need Marketplace

This marketplace platform promotes such offers, under the categories ‘I can’ - for goods or services they can offer and ‘I need’ – for goods and services they are looking for. While it’s likely at the top of your mind to list in one category, we encourage you to consider listing something under both the ‘I can’ and the ‘I need’ categories. 

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  • A good or service that you can offer to another local business or community I CAN

I CAN: Help with any written documents your business requires

Our major offering is copywriting services to enhance business culture, impact and reputation.

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I CAN: Create a brand identity for your new business or refresh your existing business branding

Do you have a business idea that needs to be turned into reality or looking to give your well established business a fresh new look?

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I CAN: Provide an online store for your business

The Shop Cardinia Marketplace caters to all residents and visitors to the Shire, and all small businesses, whether they have their own online store or not.

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I CAN: Help artisan producers, eateries and food traders connect with customers

During COVID-19 businesses are struggling to connect with customers and customers need an easy way to find out who is open

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I CAN: Help your business get results in any aspect of marketing

Our highly skilled team are ready to grow businesses across many platforms and industries

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I CAN: Provide advice on employment related matters

I can provide advice on employment related matters relating to COVID-19

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I CAN: Provide assistence to help change your current state to a dream state using life coaching

With the challenges we are facing with COVID-19 it is important that we keep a healthy mindset.

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I CAN: Provide easy access for free to the lastest information on COVID-19

I can provide access for free on the latest information for businesses and individuals dealing with COVID-19

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I CAN: Offer digital services to help businesses' brands stay strong during COVID-19

We offer a range of digital services to help your brand remain strong and front-of-mind for customers during this health pandemic, and then to carry on business as usual on the other side.

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I CAN: Provide training in dispute resolution

I can provide training in dispute resolution in both the workplace and home environment

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I CAN: Provide business advisory, coaching and mentoring to transform business performance

Many businesses are unsure as to how to really effectively manage their financials so that they can accurately forecast their sales and expenses and even determine how to double their net profit.

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If it is decided that your listing is not appropriate, administrators reserve the right to not list, or remove it, from the website. The administrator’s decision is final and no further conversation will be entered into.

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Listings can be online for a maximum of 12 months, post this time it will be automatically removed from the website to ensure that only current, accurate content is listed.

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