Casey Cardinia Business Breakfast Series

The Casey Cardinia Region and Melbourne Football Club are proud to host the Casey Cardinia Business Breakfast Series, which continue to enjoy a solid reputation as fantastic, valuable events. Each breakfast allows participants the opportunity to network, expand their client bases, access current business information and to hear quality guest speakers, while enjoying a delicious breakfast.  

Upcoming speakers 

21 May 2018: Samantha Gash had a desire to challenge herself and to make a difference in the world. Ambitious, determined, naive and stubborn Samantha couldn’t have imagined that her journey would take her to the four corners of the earth and impact so many lives. Read more.

Past speakers 

Each Casey Cardinia Business Breakfast offers a quality business with profound advice to pass on. Find out who spoke most recently


Sponsorship opportunities 

Sponsoring local activities are the perfect way to raise the profile of your own business while building relationships with multiple stakeholders. Sponsorship opportunities are available for the Casey Cardinia Business Breakfasts; visit Sponsorship for more information. 


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