Utility rates


Businesses in the Casey Cardinia region have access to all the necessary utilities and infrastructure including electricity, gas, water and internet. Pricing for electricity and gas are provided below.
 First 700 kWh/mth 
 Supply charge
 107.36 c/day*
*Peak periods + excluding GST
 First 12000MJ/2 mths 
 1.603 c/MJ* 
 Next 74000 MJ/2 mths
 1.299 c/MJ* 
 Over 86000 MJ/2 mths 
 1.012 c/MJ*
 First 12000 MJ/2 mths 
 1.565 c.MJ* 
 Next 74000 MJ/2 mths
 1.260 c/MJ*
 Over 86000 MJ/2 mths
 0.993 c/MJ*
 Supply Charge
 65.50 c/day*
*Business Gas + excluding GST. Peak periods apply from 1 June to 30 September inclusive. Off-peak periods apply from 1 October to 31 May inclusive.
Note: Prices shown are accurate as of May 2013 and are for the Business Choice Program through Origin Energy and should be used as a guide only. Businesses should consult their preferred utilities provider for specific information.