The Casey Cardinia region is the place to grow transport and logistics in Melbourne’s South-East. How can your transport and logistics business grow in our region?
Find out more about the Casey Cardinia region's numerous competitive advantages:
  • Transport infrastructure 

Core Melbourne assets – the CBD, Port and Airport - are all within a short commute. The Port of Hastings (Melbourne’s second container port) is well into planning and within 10 kms of the region. Major rail and road routes such as Eastlink and the Monash Freeway provide easy access to the region with future expansions (including Thompsons Road, North East Link, Koo Wee Rup Road and the Western Port Highway) expected to increase accessibility in the future. 
  • A business case that's hard to beat

The Casey Cardinia region provides real value as a business location. The region has over 2,600 ha of employment lands are available for a range of light, heavy, high-tech and logistical needs.
  • A growth frontier 

The Casey Cardinia region’s economy swelled to nearly $7 billion over 2011. It’s the 3rd fastest-growing area in Australia (based on population). Over $1 billion of annual investment into residential and non-residential property demonstrates why the region is the place to grow in Melbourne’s South-East.
  • An established industry base 

The logistics industry is well represented in the region, with 15% of all businesses. Nearly 20,000 local residents work in the industry, providing a large labour pool of potential employees. The strength of the local logistics industry means that new investors can tap immediately into existing supply chains.
  • Cost effective industrial and commercial land and professional office space 

Industrial Land Values, Melbourne, 2012
Industrial Land 
$ per sqm 
Savings in Casey Cardinia 
Casey Cardinia region
South East
Casey Cardinia Local Manufacturing Workforce, 2011
Average Weekly Wage 
Savings in Casey Cardinia 
Casey Cardinia region
Melbourne's South East 
Source: CBRE (2012), AECgroup (2013)